‘Confused and Directionless’ 2022

Mixed media exhibition 

A 2 person exhibition by Rosa Gally & O’Donnell Downing  shown on the 5-6th of December 2022 (Opening night 5th Dec 6-9pm) at New Glasgow Society (West).

‘Confused & directionless’ is a mixed-media exhibition providing a comical and cynical take on the ‘emerging artist’. Rosa Gally and O’donnell Downing explore the lack of creative motivation post graduation as they attempt to produce work outwith formal art education. All works featured are entirely new, bar a single relic from the 2022 degree show which has been reimagined within ‘Out of the sock drawer’. They have been made as a direct response to the exhibition’s title. The playful and low-tech manner of each work’s construction has been informed by the circumstances in which they have been made. Neither artist currently has access to a studio, so have been producing work from home. As a result, an unintentional theme of domesticity can be seen clearly throughout the exhibition.