(b. 2000, Edinburgh)
Rosa Gally is a multimedia and community artist, now living and working in Glasgow.

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ROSA GALLY        

(b. 2000, Edinburgh)
Rosa Gally is a multimedia and community artist, now living and working in Glasgow.

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My practise is a visual exploration into the language of crafting and its inherent connection to human use. With a range of tactile practices, I delve into the physical essence of objects and their material make-up, often allowing the process to guide my work. What fascinates me most about art is its ability to capture and immortalize the fleeting moments, memories, and relationships that make up our human experience. My aim is to create tangible embodiments of our lived connections, reinvigorating both ancient and modern crafts while reigniting a sense of wonder and reverence for the fundamental technologies that shaped our world. Place also plays a significant role in my practise, whether situated within the natural world, domestic environments, or galleries. The context of my work – from inception to exhibition – plays an essential role in it overall impact, even more so when engaging with a community.

As a community artist, I believe that the relationship between making and the everyday is a vital part of our collective human experience. That's why I love working with others to rediscover the art within the mundane objects that surround us. Together, I believe, we can celebrate the beauty and wisdom of the everyday, infusing it with the magic of art and making.


Glasgow School of Art, First Class BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art, 2019-2022.

Leeds Arts University, Foundation Diploma in Art + Design (w/ Distinction), 2018-19.


2022, Confused and Directionless, Glasgow New Society(west), Glasgow (Two-Person)

2022, Degree Show, Stow Building, Glasgow (Group)

2022, Little Pockets of Care, Barnes Garage Space, Glasgow (Solo)

2022, Mish/Mash, Govan Project Space, Glasgow (Group)

2021, Wet Dream, Barnes Garage Space, Glasgow (Group)

2021, Sink opening, Sink, Glasgow (Group)

2021, Seawebspace, online ( (Group)

2021, Do Not Come to Our Exhibition, Glasgow (Two-Person)

2020, New Becoming Normal, Washing Line Exhibition, Edinburgh (Group Show)

2019, Mewantemooseicday, Tax Hall, Glasgow (Group Show)

2019, Leeds Arts University Foundation end of year show, Leeds (Group Show)

Community Projects

2022-2023, Freelance artist, Cumnock YAF Project, National Gallery Scotland, Edinburgh

2022, Artist in Residence, The Circle/OneRen, Paisley

2022, Workshop Leader, The Wee Retreat, Glasgow (Mending Workshops)


The Scotsman Art Review, Degree show 2022, Glasgow School of art (work mentioned)

The Skinny, Glasgow School of art, Degree show 2022 (work mentioned)